“I just started using Troy and Speed of Sound for my regional broadcast voiceover and production needs. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the turnaround time, quality voice readings, production values, and very competitive pricing! It’s great to have a go-to creative  partner!”

– Gil Zeimer,
Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe

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Choose Your High-Quality Spots Package.

Then Choose Your Savings.

#1: Supersonic 60 Spots
As Low As $10.66 Each.

What a deal! Get three professional voices on retainer for up to 60 spots per month. Choose the best voice for each spot and we'll do the rest––at less than $11 per spot!

#2: Sonic 45 Spots
As Low As $12.37 each.

What's that? You only have 45 spots but still want a great deal with national voices at local prices? Speed of Sound can produce air-quality ads––for as low as $12.37/spot.

#3: Agile 30 Spots
As Low As $14.99 each.

Maybe you need to produce up to 30 spots per month. Speed of Sound can produce them at big savings to meet your needs––
for–– less than $15 per spot.

#4: Nimble 15 Spots
As Low As $19.92 each.

Our most popular package for new clients! If you just need one spot now or a handful, trust us to produce it for far less than other production companies––just $19.92/spot.